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Limited time offer. Event closes 2/15/23.

  Fill out a survey or refer a friend for rewards this holiday season.

Take the 5 minute survey below for a chance to win:



Enjoy a 3-starred Michelin meal for 2 at famed restaurant, Le Bernardin

Camelback Mountain

Let loose on a skiing day-trip at Camelback Mountain for 2!

Know a friend who may benefit from $0 health insurance?

Collect 30/referral* after the survey!

For a limited time...


or a Lunar New Year LEGO set!

For each 15, earn a $10 Amazon Gift Card!


Once referred, text us back with a name for credit!

Share your thoughts for a chance to win!

*A referral is counted when an eligible applicant for the New York State Essential Plan is referred by a participant of the program. Eligibility for the plan may not guarantee enrollment into the plan.

Terms and Conditions:

1) The event will close on 02/15/2023, after which additional entries will not be counted. 

2) Only one winner will be selected from the pool of survey participants. The winner may select either award. 

3) The Le Bernardin restaurant award will include a lunch set for 2. The Camelback Mountain award will be a day trip for skiing only.

4) Only survey answers that are considered genuine answers will be considered. Any spam or other acts of bad faith will not be tolerated, and the entry will not qualify you as a survey participant. Multiple entries are not allowed.

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