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NYWPG is an Authorized Partner of the New York State of Health

Update as of 03/29/2021: COVID-19 testing and vaccination expenses are covered under the Essential Plan.

About Us

NYWPG Partners is dedicated to helping New Yorkers find low-cost or free health coverage. Our team of professionals helps guide you through the application process, explain plan benefits, and determine your eligibility.

Our Story

NYWPG Partners is the medical insurance arm of New York Wealth Planning Group. Through our main operations, we quickly realized how expensive, yet important health insurance is for the average American. After reaching out to hundreds of medical insurance experts and practitioners, we stumbled across the Essential Plan. Not only were the benefits second to none, the premium was a grand total of $0.

After our discovery, we immediately reached out to our clients to help them enroll. Soon, we started to receive dozens, then hundreds of referrals. To meet the growing demand, a dedicated team was created specifically for our medical insurance program.

Since then, we have helped thousands of New Yorkers enroll in free or affordable health insurance plans. With the advent of COVID, many have flocked to our services to ensure that they have adequate coverage during the global pandemic.

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NYWPG Partners

NYWPG is an Authorized Partner of the New York State of Health

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