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Meet Daniel!

Updated: Feb 5

Sponsored exclusively by UnitedHealthcare, we hosted this summer's Healthcare Advocacy Leadership Program. Through social media campaigns and impactful virtual/in-person outreach events, Student Leaders championed the right to affordable healthcare, Kimber Health's mission. Beyond advocacy, the program placed a strong emphasis on leadership development and commitment to quantifiable results, ensuring that the passion and efforts of our students translated into measurable impact.

Now, meet Daniel, one of our Student Leaders of 2023.

Daniel is a digital marketing and media major pursing a Master of Science at Yeshiva University, a private institution with four campuses in New York City. He discovered the Essential Plan through a Google Search, and has been using it ever since. Let's hear about what his experience has been like!

"My experience so far has been awesome, stress-free and exciting. The Essential Plan made it possible for me to visit the dentist and also went for a medical check-up, which included numerous lab tests for absolutely free. Above all, I saved over $5000 from my school's insurance policy after being able to waive it off."


Welcome to Kimber Health, the premier healthcare solution for international students from over 100 countries. Our mission is to provide exceptional yet affordable healthcare options that cater to the unique needs of the global student community. Experience comprehensive healthcare coverage with our groundbreaking $0 Essential Plan, which offers a suite of benefits including free preventive care, dental and vision care, and even a gym membership reimbursement. We also have competitively priced plans are designed to not only meet but exceed university waiver requirements, enabling students to easily waive their university insurance and save thousands of dollars each year. Choose Kimber Health for cost-effective, high-quality healthcare that supports your educational journey abroad.


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