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Beyond Affordable Care

We provide free or affordable healthcare to international students nationwide. 


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Why Kimber Health?

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Competitive prices

 Competitive Prices

Save up to $6000 with our plans by waiving your university health insurance.

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Global coverage

Global Coverage

Our healthcare service providers can offer the highest quality service while you travel.

UHC Network

United Healthcare Network

The United Healthcare network is one of the best in the U.S., offering comprehensive coverage across the 50 states.

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Information Security

Secured Payment

Your personal information and payment methods will remain confidential. We value your privacy.

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Trusted by Our Applicants and Collaborators Worldwide

Global Applicant

Applicants from 93+ Countries

Th fastest growing and second largest bokerage firm

No.1 in Growth &
No.2 in Total Enrollees

institution and organization

Collaborations with
75+ Organizations

for United Healthcare’s
Essential Plan in 2021

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Social Distance in Office

At Kimber Health, we believe that having health coverage is a fundamental right.


With COVID-19 and high healthcare costs in the US, it is imperative for individuals and families coming to United States for their studies, travel, or immigration to receive adequate health coverage. As such, we have dedicated ourselves to assisting all eligible individuals with attaining free or affordable health coverage.

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