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Building a Successful Career in Corporate America as an International Student

Updated: Jan 8

Unlocking Success in Corporate America - A Seminar for International Students

In an era of globalization, pursuing education and career opportunities abroad has become increasingly common. Recognizing these aspirations of international students, Kimber Health joined forces with the Stern Health Association to host their first joint seminar. Sally Mak, CEO of Kimber Health and New York Wealth Planning Group (NYWPG), offers guidance on achieving success in corporate America.

Sally Mak

An international student herself, her journey and achievements served as inspiration for all the attendees of the seminar. She shared her own story, highlighting the challenges she faced and the triumphs she celebrated as an international student navigating the complexities of corporate America.

Empowering International Students

Sally's advice to fellow international students resonated deeply.

Cultural Adaptation - Cultural fluency can significantly enhance your ability to navigate the corporate landscape effectively. Sally stresses that one of the most critical, and difficult, aspects of success as an international student is the ability to embrace cultural adaptation. It's important to immerse yourself in American culture while also not forgetting your own values and heritage. Striking this balance allows you to connect with colleagues from diverse backgrounds while staying true to your identity.

Continuous Learning - To thrive in the competitive corporate world, Sally mentioned that it's essential to invest in improving your professional knowledge and skills continuously. Focus on honing your business-writing and communication skills, as clear and concise communication is key in the corporate environment. Dedicate yourself to a path of continuous self-improvement to stay ahead in your career.

Your Voice - Sally emphasized the importance of finding one's voice, irrespective of accent or cultural differences. She encouraged students not to shy away from speaking up -- just do so slowly, clearly, and concisely -- for their thoughts and ideas are just as invaluable as their counterparts. Additionally, Sally stressed the significance of developing strong presentation skills, both for oneself and when presenting ideas, as this is essential for leaving a lasting impression on key players in the corporate world. Furthermore, she urged international students not to hesitate in sharing their achievements and taking pride in their accomplishments, emphasizing that taking credit for one's hard work is a way to showcase dedication and contribution to the company.

Make a Lasting Impression - Sally also emphasized the significance of building lasting connections in the corporate world. She advised students to express appreciation to higher-ups and colleagues in meaningful ways, such as presenting gifts that reflect their unique cultural backgrounds. These gestures not only demonstrate respect and gratitude, but also highlight the rich diversity international students bring to American workplaces. International students should also actively seek opportunities to connect with colleagues and even peers from different departments. Networking doesn't just happen during formal events; it's an ongoing process that can lead to valuable mentorship and career growth.

Kimber Health's Mission

During the seminar, Sally took a moment to shed light on Kimber Health, a company she founded with a clear mission. Kimber Health is dedicated to making healthcare accessible and affordable, addressing a vital yet often overlooked sector that accounts for a significant portion of the U.S. GDP—25%, to be precise. In contrast, the military, which receives significant attention, constitutes only 3% of the GDP. Sally's venture into the healthcare industry was also driven by her desire to create a business aligned with her values.

The Path Forward

Kimber Health also utilized this platform as a recruiting event, aiming to attract young talents who share their commitment to making healthcare more accessible. As we reflect on the success of this seminar, we anticipate more collaborations in the future. Please look forward to our next event!


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