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Empowering the African Diaspora -Partnership with the National African Student Association

Updated: Feb 5

This was our first event alongside the National African Student Association (AFSA), a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and supporting individuals within the African diaspora. One such important resource is affordable healthcare, in a country where healthcare is prohibitively expensive for many.

Central to the success of this event was Oyinkansola (pictured above at the booth she set up), our representative for Kimber Health, and the individual responsible for launching our partnership with National AFSA.

Let’s hear from her now!

Hello, Oyin! Can you give a brief introduction of yourself?

My name is Oyin, I am a Physician currently pursuing a Master of Public Health degree at New York University (NYU). Additionally, I hold the positions of Secretary and Editor within the NYU African Graduate Students' Association (AGSA). My passion for universal health coverage is driven by a desire to ensure equitable healthcare access. I strive to bridge the gap by advocating for affordable health insurance solutions, especially for international students, aligning my roles with the mission of Kimber Health and the broader goal of healthcare equality

How did you come to know about National AFSA?

I became aware of National AFSA through my role at AGSA. National AFSA had intentions to organize a conference in collaboration with NYU's Office of Global Inclusion, which was scheduled to take place at NYU. They contacted our executive board to explore the possibility of us collaborating with them in coordinating the event and having our members participate on select panels.

How was the process of setting up a partnership?

The process of establishing a partnership was quite intriguing. I initially viewed the conference as a valuable platform to raise awareness among international students regarding the advantages of enrolling in the Kimber Health Essential Plan. During one of our meetings, I introduced this idea, and it was warmly received. Subsequently, we delved into discussions on incorporating Kimber Health into the conference's event program and disseminating this information to both current and incoming students in the United States. After a few subsequent meetings, we decided to have me conduct a presentation and set up an Information booth at the conference. Furthermore, we outlined concrete plans for maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship between Kimber Health and the National AFSA.

Where do you see the partnership going?

As for where I see this partnership heading, I envision it becoming a robust and enduring collaboration. By actively engaging with international students at conferences and events, we can raise awareness about Kimber Health's wide scope of benefits, ultimately expanding our reach and impact. Through continued cooperation between Kimber Health and National AFSA, we can ensure that students have access to essential health resources while also contributing positively to both organizations' missions. Over time, I anticipate the partnership growing in its effectiveness and scope, benefiting both parties involved and, most importantly, the African international student community.


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