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Hear From Our Students!

Updated: Feb 5

When it comes to healthcare, personal experiences carry greater weight than the company itself. At Kimber Health, we believe that the voices of our clients, especially students, can shed light on the real impact of the services we provide as an authorized partner of the New York State of Health. We're excited to share some powerful testimonials from remarkable students at New York University (NYU) that highlight the value of our $0 or low-cost health insurance options, designed for international students, immigrants, and low-income individuals who reside in the United States.

Sean, Class of 2024, From China

Having been referred by his friend Christine, another NYU student, Sean has saved over $4,000 in waiving his university’s insurance plan. Enrolling in the Essential Plan also gave him access to free dental and vision care, a valuable benefit often excluded from other plans.

Hari, Class of 2024, From India

Hari has been using the Essential Plan for the last six months of his time at NYU. Initially skeptical about the existence of such a comprehensive insurance plan, he decided to apply anyway and had the entirety of their $12,000 bill covered. His experience speaks volumes, and he wholeheartedly recommends this plan to every international student!

Nik, Class of 2024, From Uzbekistan

Nik discovered Kimber Health at the Student Fair, and after intensive research, applied to the Essential Plan in 2-3 minutes and received his insurance in 2 weeks. As a professional athlete, all of his injuries are covered under the plan.


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