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Celebrating Our SVP: Ricky Hau!

A big shout-out to our valued and most dedicated team member, Ricky!

We recently hosted a celebratory dinner at Maiella, LIC for the Spring Festival, during which we took a moment to celebrate Ricky Hau, the SVP of Kimber Health.

To honor Ricky’s unwavering dedication, hard work, and loyalty, we surprised him with a special gift - a brand new Tesla Model Y. This was a small token of our appreciation for everything he has done for our company. You can also check out our Instagram post on the event here!

Ricky's reflections on his time at Kimber Health offer a glimpse into the impact our company has had on his life. His words serve as a testament to the unique culture and opportunities that make Kimber Health such a special place to work.

My experience at Kimber Health has been nothing short of exceptional. The supportive culture, emphasis on teamwork, and opportunities for growth have allowed me to thrive both personally and professionally. I am immensely grateful for the experiences and relationships I've gained here, and I eagerly anticipate contributing to the continued success of Kimber Health in the future.

-Ricky Hau

As we celebrate Ricky's incredible journey, we also look forward to expanding our team with new, talented individuals who share our mission for transforming the global health insurance industry.

We're excited to announce several full-time/part-time open positions, including...

  • Business Development

  • Marketing & Advertising

  • Property Management

  • Human Resources

Additionally, we are also looking for prospective students to join our 2024 Student Leadership Program this summer! Join the program, be a healthcare superhero!


Welcome to Kimber Health, the premier healthcare solution for international students from over 100 countries. Our mission is to provide exceptional yet affordable healthcare options that cater to the unique needs of the global student community. Experience comprehensive healthcare coverage with our groundbreaking $0 Essential Plan from various carriers, which offers a suite of benefits including free preventive care, dental and vision care, $75 OTC expense card (UHC plan only) every quarter and even a gym membership reimbursement. We also have competitively priced plans that are designed to not only meet but exceed university waiver requirements, enabling students to easily waive their university insurance and save thousands of dollars each year. Choose Kimber Health for cost-effective, high-quality healthcare that supports your educational journey abroad.


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